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  • Employee disengagement and employee turnover cost companies over $370 billion a year!

  • You could make and save more money for the company if you hire someone motivated who shares the same passion and believes in what you are building!

  • Occupassion has a solution for you!

Company/Job Fit


  • Discover, hire and retain hidden talented individuals who share the same passion and interest as your organization

  • Save money by reducing job turnover

  • Make money with highly engaged and motivated employees

Team Fit

  • Find like-minded individuals who share the same passion and values that would get along and work well with the team. Increasing team cohesiveness, harmony and engagement.

About Occupassion

Occupassion is a hassle free AI recommending platform that matches job-seekers to companies and teams based on their passions and interests without the need for long personality tests or confusing questionnaires.

How it works - ​In just 3 simple steps

  • 1 Create a company account.

  • 2 Send invitation to employees of the company and team to do the same

  • 3 Discover and Hire highly passionate and motivated talents that want to be part of the company's success and grow your company

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