You deserve to have a job that you are passionate about!

Do You Know

  • We spend at least 33% of our lives working!

  • Only 13% of us are working in jobs that we are passionate about which is key to live a more fulfilling life!

  • Occupassion can help you be one of the 13%!

Company/Job Fit

  • Discover companies and teams that share similar passions and interests with individuals like you! Get paid doing what you love!

About Occupassion

Occupassion is a hassle free AI recommending platform that matches job-seekers to companies and teams based on their passions and interests without the need for long personality tests or confusing questionnaires.

How it works - ‚ÄčIn just 3 simple steps

  • 1 Create an account.

  • 2 Discover and connect to jobs in companies and teams that share the same passion as you.

  • 3 Apply to jobs and start doing what you love while getting paid doint it.

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